Find out what your audience is made of.

TopicDNA is a revolutionary new technology we've created to enable businesses to profile, segment and target their social and mobile customers instantly.

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Test drive our technology with the world's first mobile personality test based on your music tastes.

Did you know that both metalheads and classical fans have vivid imaginations and are emotionally secure? We do.

This app draws upon 30+ years of research into psychology and music to give you an accurate personality profile in seconds. We’ve profiled over 500,000 people on our platform so far.

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Our clients include

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The World's Top Rated Symptom Checker on Android.

Preceptiv profiled more than 250,000 users and helped improve their in-app experience and attract potential sponsors/advertisers and provided invaluable data for shaping the direction of the business.

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Collaborating on a groundbreaking project based on BBC R&D’s research on perceptive media. Our platform will power the most innovative visual project in the world. Expected release Q2 2015.

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